9 Year Old in Wheelchair Achieves Touchdown Dream

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Americans have dreams, some big, some small. The ability to achieve those dreams largely lays with us, in some few cases those around us can lend a helping hand. In most cases there will be obstacles, this story is no different., For one disabled boy with muscular dystrophy, he was able to achieve the dream of a lifetime thanks to a few friends and a thoughtful referee.

With only a minute left in the game, Jason’s father and coach of the team took a helmet from Jason’s brother and  placed it the young boy’s head. According to channel 3-KSN, Jason said, “Sometimes I just dream about running a touchdown.”

Jalen said, “He dreams about it almost every night.”
Jason said, “He (the coach) grabbed my brother’s helmet, took it off him and put it on me.”
Miranda Smith, Jason’s mom, said, “One of them was like, ‘They’re putting a helmet on Jason’ and I was like, ‘what?’”
As the play began, Jason’s father grabbed his cell phone to document the play.
Having been involved in sports all my life, the memory of winning games fade with time. But it is the plays, the really great ones such as this that live forever. Check out the video.


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Flash Mob – Helps Boy Achieve His Dream

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caines arcade americans believeWhen a 9 year old boy started making “arcade games” out of cardboard boxes, no one ever dreamed he’d have a customer, but thanks to a local flash mob he soon had customers lining the street.

If you’ve never been to Caine’s arcade your not alone, few people have. Caine’s arcade doesnt have a single video game, pinball machine or change dispenser. Caine’s arcade is just a little bit different, but to it’s fans there is nothing else like it.

According to the 9 year old who owns it, “you get 4 plays for a dollar or 500 plays for two dollars.” How’s that for value? With the help of flash mob, a few cardboard boxes and a little imagination Caine’s arcade is on the map.

Check out the video.

Golf Channel’s Robbie “Shank” Biershenk is Chasing His Dream to the PGA

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Golf swings come in all varieties.  If you’ve ever watched the game of golf you’ve seen the pros hit a draw or a fade on demand, but you’ve never seen anything like - Shank. Meet Robbie Biershenk or “Shank” as most people call him.

He’s been called the real life Tin Cup, referring to the 1996 Kevin Costner golf film. And that isn’t too far from the truth, Shank owns his own driving range where he lives and chases the dream. The dream to one day play on the PGA Tour, just like his brother Tommy.

There’s no question this kid’s got game, after all he’s a Six-time World Long Drive Competitor and Three time champion at the Skyview Open. But as Shank put’s it, timing, chance and luck have always been on his side. Still, he presses forward in pursuit of what has so far been an elusive dream. That pursuit has been supported by a growing number of fans, many of which “met” Shank on the Golf Channels Big Break – Indian Wells.

Shanks Big Break came to an end on week six of the show where fellow competitors face off in mini-games and match play rounds. If Shank lacks in talent, he makes up for in it personality. A genuinely nice guy, Shanks Southern charm makes it difficult not to root for him. That may be why the Golf Channel picked his story up again for a new series called Chasing the Dream. This series follows Shank on his pursuit of the PGA, watching closely as he works to juggle his driving range and quest for birdies.

In the series opener, Shank works to keep an old tractor running to pick up range balls, explaining that the alternator long ago went bad. His truck “Big Red” is running on it’s last legs and still Shank keeps moving on, selling t-shirts and sweat shirts to support the habit until one day the gods of golf smile upon him.

Until then we wish Shank the best. Hit em long and straight Shank!

High School Runner Crawls to Finish Line – (Video)

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Thomas Edison once said, “Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”

This is an inspirational video of one high school student that refused to be beaten. Physically exhausted, his body would not move any further. He could have quit, but chose not to. In the moment this young man defines who he is, crawling to the finish line he finished his course before being lifted by the paramedics to receive medical attention.

It seems it is at crucial moments such as this that define us as people. In the most challenging of circumstances, we reach deep down to find out who we are. There are those that when exhausted, tired and down, they stay down refusing to move along any further. Then there are those that continue on, limping and even crawling to finally achieve their goal.

What are you working for today-when you say it might be time to quit? Never, ever give up.

When Your Greatest Weakness, Becomes Your Strength-Oscar Pistorius (Video)

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We are all faced with weakness. There are those of us who run from those weaknesses and those who face them head on. Weakness can define us either positively or negatively, it’s all determined by our attitude and willingness to work hard.

Oscar Pistorius was faced with adversity early in life. There were those who told him he would never be anything great, then there were those who believed in him- namely himself. Today he competes in the Olympic Games. He’s not American, but he embodies everything we believe. Opportunities abound, but it is up to each of us to grab ahold.

Leading up to the Olympics I have heard or read countless comments, from how Oscar didn’t deserve to be in the olympics until today where some claim he has an advantage. Interesting how the tables of have turned… for Oscar Pistorius his greatest weakness, has certainly become his greatest strength.

Work hard-Dream Big.

Scared of Success?

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Life according to Nike – “Greatness can be a scarey thing, until it isn’t.” What will you do today that scares you just a little?

Nike “Find your greatness”

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For any of us who ever felt less that great, Nike has a new series of commercials focused on average every day people. These are olympic athletes, these are people with one goal, to be better tomorrow than they are today.

What will you do today, to make your self better for tomorrow?

Sight Impaired Golfer Jake Olson Speaks On PGA.com

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Jake Olson attended  the PGA Champion’s Tour Nature Valley Open, where he spoke about his love and passion for the game of golf.

15 Year Old Golfer Makes Highschool Team Without Eyesight

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As an avid golfer, I have experienced all of the frustration that comes along with the game. One of the more frustrating experiences came two years ago as I played in a night lighted golf scramble. With only a glowing ball to guide the way, the challenge of hitting the ball in the dark only multiplied the difficulty of golf.

For that reason alone, the story I am about to share is all the more amazing.

Meet Jake Olson. At 15 years old, this kid is something special. Now entering his sophomore year of high school, he plays on his schools golf team with plans to one day play on the tour. Before you shrug this off and say it, “sounds like any other kid in love with the game”… you need the back story.

At the age of one, Jake was diagnosed with retinoblastoma or cancer of the eye. At that early age he lost his left eye, for the next eleven years he would undergo surgery after surgery on his right eye, each time beating the cancer. That all changed at the age of twelve, when cancer appeared to win and he lost his other eye.

Rather than be defeated, Jake drew from within a determination so great that he refused to be beaten. Instead he persevered, remaining committed to his faith and his love for the game of golf. How do you play golf when you can’t see the target, let alone the hazards that lay in waiting?

Like most talented golfers, Jake relies on his caddie for advice.

Not unlike any other good father, Bruce Olson wants to see his son succeed. That’s part of the reason why he spends most every summer night at the golf course with his son. Together they keep Jake’s game tuned up, at the tournaments Bruce is there to assist with alignment, distance and obstacles. Trusting completely in his father, Jake plays the shot just as instructed. It would seem the two have a pretty good thing going. According to foxnewswest.com, Jake scored in 13 of 15 matches that he competed in last year. That is no small feat, vision impaired or not.

Check out this video about Jake…

Check out more posts about Jake here…


Imagine what we could do if your greatest weakness became your greatest strength.

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