I Believe

I believe that the freedom in Rock n’ Roll, the grit in a pair of faded jeans and sweat of well worn ball cap are the best reminders of who we. I’m not afraid to celebrate the good in life, but I’m mindful that hard work and a little perspiration are the marks of my best days.

I work hard and I play hard.

I want success not only for myself but for those around us. I believe that when we celebrate the strong we should quickly care for the weak.

I believe that the mark of a man is better shown in a beat-up truck than in a fancy sports car.

I believe that America is made up of countless other individuals who feel the same way. Though our approach may be different, our views unique and our genius varied we are America.

I believe that we are more alike than different, and when we stand united their is nothing we can’t accomplish. I believe in the people, the heroes, the dream. I believe we can accomplish more when we are grateful than when we complain. I believe we can live as the founders of this great land envisioned… One nation, under God indivisible. 

We invite each of you to share what you believe, why this nation is great and why we will overcome the challenges that lay before us.