Fighting a New Kind of Bad Guy

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Ever since 9/11, the people in the United States have been looking for a hero. Prior to that unprecedented attack on our soil, we enjoyed catching up with our heroes in comic books , on television, and in movies. They were pure fantasy, an enjoyable escape where you could follow the exploits of a character with superhuman powers, amazing cars, and an ever-growing team of sidekicks battle the forces of evil and make the world a better place. 

 After the devastation of 9/11, Americans began to seek out comfort in a myriad of ways as they felt their safety zones shrink. In the comic book industry, we saw the themes shift in response. The supernatural demons gave way to more lifelike villains, and even the heroes themselves began show kinks in their armor. We began to see that even superheroes have their Krypton. And that was okay, because that made them somewhat human and less foreign.

Nowadays, in order to be true heroes, fictional characters need to battle the evils that feel more real to us. Superman was born during the Great Depression and created an image of hope. Here was this caped crusader providing protection wherever it was needed. That hasn’t changed, but he is leaping taller and taller buildings, racing supersonic jets instead of speeding trains, and fighting evil that goes beyond one crazy enemy and his brainless henchmen. And Spiderman has a human side, evidenced in his most recent movies where you learned more about Peter Parker than his webbed alter ego. Even the villains have grown up. Heath Ledger’s Joker is a far cry from Cesar Romero’s cackling cartoon caricature.

Superheroes most often appear in comic books. Superhero stories are the dominant form of American comic books. Superheroes have also been featured in radio serials, novel, TV series, movies, and other media. Most of the superheroes who appear in other media are adapted from comics, but there are exceptions. Superheroes also make an excellent subject matter for toys and games. Action figures of heroes are a significant contributor to most boys’ toy boxes and bedroom floors. There always has to be a bad guy, usually played by an understanding mom, and a sidekick that goes by another name, dad.

Heroes are a positive influence in all our lives. While it is easy to see villains everywhere; often by simply opening the morning paper, heroes are out there too. Everyday heroes like fire, police, and EMS workers. Silent heroes that bring food to those that need it, or patrol the streets at night to help the homeless. These are the everyday superheroes. Next time you see one, imagine them in a bright red cape and blur tights, but don’t tell them you did or you’ll likely be arrested.

Think about it. If we didn’t have evil, we wouldn’t need heroes. And while that sounds like a perfect world, we all need to find a hero now and then. So, why not look in a comic book, graphic novel, or movie? Go and cheer for Indiana Jones in his golden years or the very early ones. Grab the latest Marvel comic and lose yourself in the story. Buy an action figure for a child and share stories about conquering the bad guys. Let good conquer evil. And wrap yourself in the sheer enjoyment of having a hero.

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My Office – Behind The Plate

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My Office – Behind The Plate
By: Aron Wallad
I loved catching – I had the whole game in front of me. I could see everything. Placing the fielders was my job. Seeing whether long fly balls were fair or foul. What the pitcher had or lacked, I saw, as well. Did the pitcher need a break in the action because he was tired? If he did I would pay a little visit to the mound. The general on the field is what I was. A direct link to the coach. Switching to catcher was the best thing I did as a player. I had so much fun behind the plate.

My office was behind the plate. Having played all the other positions was great, but I felt the best place to be, was catching. I could cash in on all the activity that was in front of me. I had an opportunity to shape the game. I had power in my office that I did not have anywhere else on the field except for maybe pitching. I loved that responsibility.

Seeing a batter leaning one way and then calling the pitch that I thought would get him out was one strategy I successfully used. Striking out a batter was a joint effort between the pitcher and I. I felt it was my job to study the batter and then relay any useful information I got, back to the pitcher.

My stock as a catcher increased when the pitcher pitched well. I felt I had to find the weakness in the batter. That was part of my job. And then calling the game was the essence of being a catcher.

If there was a background check on all the catchers that ever played, I think there is one thing that would be common. They all studied the game.

Johnny Bench, Roy Campanella, Bill Dickey, Yogi Berra, Thurman Munson, Elston Howard, and Ivan Rodriguez are a few of my catching heroes. Johnny Bench for his incredible arm and amazing power. Roy Campenella for his amazing arm and incredible power. Hey that sounds familiar. I loved all the Yankees. And Ivan – just an incredible talent.

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Some of my greatest heros

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Bryant Davis, He is my good friend. He is an amazing man. He has lived in so many countrys and states. He was trained or war. He never actually was in war but boy did he train. He is one of the hardest workers I have ever met. He is a man of integrity and he will always keep his word. Marvin Armstrong, I would like to recognize him. He was drafted to war. He did not fight but he helped all the hurt soldiers. His job was very dangerous. He had to go out onto the battlefield and pick up the wounded and take them back to saftey to get them some help. He is actually my grandpa. And the last hero I would like everyone to recognize is my Dad. He is the owner of this site. He has been to war to. Not the war in Iraac but the war of life. He has helped me in my liftime so much. He is my best friend. Every night he tells me and I quote “you are beautiful, smart and you can do anything in the world that you want as long as you work hard at it.” end of quote. And it is so true. I feel like he has changed my life and I wouldn’t be the same person I am without his sense of humor kindness and most of all his love for me and golf. I love you Daddy.

America is beautiful.

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America is beautiful. I hope you agree. The flag flying high over valleys and seas. And it gives every American a right to be free. Now I will tell you what the colors mean to me. Red stands for the blood that our soldeirs have shed. Many a life was taken to gain our liberty. And Blue stands for the sky that will always be there. And last but not least White stands for purity. When the war is all over soon you will see that everythng is better and purer than it used to be. So next time you look at the flag take a moment to think what do the colors mean to you and why is America important to you?

Make a difference!

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I can see that this website is for good purposes only. Please do not post bad things about America on this site. We Americans are better than that. We have made it through so much. Whether in the community, or inside your own home, you don’t realize but you are making a difference in the world. If it is a good difference, or a not so good difference, the world will notice. Maybe the whole world won’t realize it, but I guarauntee that someone will. I hope everyone has had a good day. Oh and don’t forget do something to make a difference.


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I believe that america is the best country in world. I mean look out the window of your car when you are driving. Whether it is rainy, sunny, cloudy, or just overcast everyone is playing and getting along. Take a moment next time you are outside no matter what you are doing and take a look around. We have reasons to be proud to live here.

Remaking America

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“Starting today, we must pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and begin again the work of remaking America.”

~Barack Obama