In 2013 a 16 year old invented a cancer screening. What can you do in 2014?

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With the new year upon us, many are setting goals. For most Americans we should not be asking the question should I set a goal, but have I set them high enough. One of our favorite inspirational people in 2013 was Jack Andraka, a 16 year old teenager who set out to find faster, more accurate and timely screening for pancreatic cancer. Watch Jack’s story and ask yourself have you set your sights high enough in 2014.

Comatose Soldier Rises to 101st Airbornes Shout – Curahee

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An amazing account of a comatose soldiers response to the 101st Airbornes shout of Curahee from visitor General Petraeus.


Unheard Firefighters Heroic Story From 1989 Sanfrancisco Earthquake – Fire

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Most of us will never forget the 1989 World Series that was rocked by a 6.9 mangnitude earthquake, but few of us can really appreciate the the after math or the heroic acts of those involved. This is an amazing story of one firefighters heroic act to save a woman, buried in rubble with flames all around. This is a must view video…


Lincoln – Presidents Day Quote

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Fourscore and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.




President’s Day Quote

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We the People- Eagle and constitution

Let us raise a standard to which the wise and honest can repair; the rest is in the hands of God. – George Washington

NYPD’s finest photographed giving boots to barefoot homeless – warms the souls of millions

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NYPD Larry DePrimo Homeless BootsI’ve been the fortunate recipient and witness to many kind acts. For each I am grateful. These kind acts take place everyday, everywhere and occasionally these kind acts are captured on film, forever recorded to be shared as a reminder of what is good in the world.

At a time when many are losing hope, when the media often chooses to focus on the negative, the bad, the dark and the dirty. Leave it to one of New York’s finest to remind us of the good, Larry DePrimo has done just that. On a night so cold that officer DePrimo wore two pairs of socks and was still cold, he spotted a homeless, barefoot man in Times Square, Manhattan. It would have been easy to turn a blind eye to the poor man, after all DePrimo was on an anti-terrorist watch and had things to do. 

But that didn’t stop him from doing a good thing. After speaking to the man for a bit, DePrimo determined the man to wear a size 12 shoe.

Then according to the New York Post, ”As the man walked slowly down Seventh Avenue on his heels, Officer DePrimo went into a Skechers shoe store at about 9:30 p.m. “We were just kind of shocked,” said Jose Cano, 28, a manager working at the store that night. “Most of us are New Yorkers and we just kind of pass by that kind of thing. Especially in this neighborhood.”

Mr. Cano volunteered to give the officer his employee discount to bring down the regular $100 price of the all-weather boots to a little more than $75. The officer has kept the receipt in his vest since then, he said, “to remind me that sometimes people have it worse.”

We may never know the name of the beneficiary, but as DePrimo told the Post “He was the most polite gentleman I had met,” the officer said, adding that the man’s face lit up at the sight of the boots. Officer DePrimo offered him a cup of coffee, but “as soon as the boots were on him, he went on his way, and I just went back to my post.”

The heroes kind act was captured by Jennifer Foster, at the time of this post the photo had nearly a half million likes. Be sure to add yours. You can see her original photo here.

Create an account at and tell us about a hero you believe in.

9 Year Old in Wheelchair Achieves Touchdown Dream

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Americans have dreams, some big, some small. The ability to achieve those dreams largely lays with us, in some few cases those around us can lend a helping hand. In most cases there will be obstacles, this story is no different., For one disabled boy with muscular dystrophy, he was able to achieve the dream of a lifetime thanks to a few friends and a thoughtful referee.

With only a minute left in the game, Jason’s father and coach of the team took a helmet from Jason’s brother and  placed it the young boy’s head. According to channel 3-KSN, Jason said, “Sometimes I just dream about running a touchdown.”

Jalen said, “He dreams about it almost every night.”
Jason said, “He (the coach) grabbed my brother’s helmet, took it off him and put it on me.”
Miranda Smith, Jason’s mom, said, “One of them was like, ‘They’re putting a helmet on Jason’ and I was like, ‘what?’”
As the play began, Jason’s father grabbed his cell phone to document the play.
Having been involved in sports all my life, the memory of winning games fade with time. But it is the plays, the really great ones such as this that live forever. Check out the video. – Oklahoma City, OK – News, Weather, Video and Sports |

“This nation will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave.” -Elmer Davis

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“This nation will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of theVeterans Day Image brave.” -Elmer Davis

Thank a Veteran

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With Veteran’s Day upon us once again, we have an opportunity to reflect and give thanks for the many freedoms that we have. Unlike others in so many parts of the world, we are able to awaken each morning without fear of mortars or machine gun fire.

We can have the ability to speak our mind, pursue our dreams and design our life. We can do this without oppression, undue hardship or fear. We can be as positive or as negative as we choose.  We can build a fortune or live on the street. We can be mediocre or we can be great. But no matter what we are we will always be indebted to those who have given their life for this great country in which we live. God Bless America.

Flash Mob – Helps Boy Achieve His Dream

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caines arcade americans believeWhen a 9 year old boy started making “arcade games” out of cardboard boxes, no one ever dreamed he’d have a customer, but thanks to a local flash mob he soon had customers lining the street.

If you’ve never been to Caine’s arcade your not alone, few people have. Caine’s arcade doesnt have a single video game, pinball machine or change dispenser. Caine’s arcade is just a little bit different, but to it’s fans there is nothing else like it.

According to the 9 year old who owns it, “you get 4 plays for a dollar or 500 plays for two dollars.” How’s that for value? With the help of flash mob, a few cardboard boxes and a little imagination Caine’s arcade is on the map.

Check out the video.

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