9 Year Old in Wheelchair Achieves Touchdown Dream

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Americans have dreams, some big, some small. The ability to achieve those dreams largely lays with us, in some few cases those around us can lend a helping hand. In most cases there will be obstacles, this story is no different., For one disabled boy with muscular dystrophy, he was able to achieve the dream of a lifetime thanks to a few friends and a thoughtful referee.

With only a minute left in the game, Jason’s father and coach of the team took a helmet from Jason’s brother and  placed it the young boy’s head. According to channel 3-KSN, Jason said, “Sometimes I just dream about running a touchdown.”

Jalen said, “He dreams about it almost every night.”
Jason said, “He (the coach) grabbed my brother’s helmet, took it off him and put it on me.”
Miranda Smith, Jason’s mom, said, “One of them was like, ‘They’re putting a helmet on Jason’ and I was like, ‘what?’”
As the play began, Jason’s father grabbed his cell phone to document the play.
Having been involved in sports all my life, the memory of winning games fade with time. But it is the plays, the really great ones such as this that live forever. Check out the video.


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