Golf Channel’s Robbie “Shank” Biershenk is Chasing His Dream to the PGA

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Golf swings come in all varieties.  If you’ve ever watched the game of golf you’ve seen the pros hit a draw or a fade on demand, but you’ve never seen anything like - Shank. Meet Robbie Biershenk or “Shank” as most people call him.

He’s been called the real life Tin Cup, referring to the 1996 Kevin Costner golf film. And that isn’t too far from the truth, Shank owns his own driving range where he lives and chases the dream. The dream to one day play on the PGA Tour, just like his brother Tommy.

There’s no question this kid’s got game, after all he’s a Six-time World Long Drive Competitor and Three time champion at the Skyview Open. But as Shank put’s it, timing, chance and luck have always been on his side. Still, he presses forward in pursuit of what has so far been an elusive dream. That pursuit has been supported by a growing number of fans, many of which “met” Shank on the Golf Channels Big Break – Indian Wells.

Shanks Big Break came to an end on week six of the show where fellow competitors face off in mini-games and match play rounds. If Shank lacks in talent, he makes up for in it personality. A genuinely nice guy, Shanks Southern charm makes it difficult not to root for him. That may be why the Golf Channel picked his story up again for a new series called Chasing the Dream. This series follows Shank on his pursuit of the PGA, watching closely as he works to juggle his driving range and quest for birdies.

In the series opener, Shank works to keep an old tractor running to pick up range balls, explaining that the alternator long ago went bad. His truck “Big Red” is running on it’s last legs and still Shank keeps moving on, selling t-shirts and sweat shirts to support the habit until one day the gods of golf smile upon him.

Until then we wish Shank the best. Hit em long and straight Shank!


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