Megan Bradshaw is a Hero to Families of Stillborn Children

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Teeny Tears DiapersIn 2008, Megan Bradshaw and family were blessed with identical twin boys, one of whom passed away unexpectedly just before their birth at 28-weeks.  Inspired by a tiny hand-made gown that had been donated with love to her small boys, Megan took up the cause to help others facing similar challenges, becoming a hero to many in a moments of unparalleled grief.

According to Megan’s website, approximately 26,000 children are stillborn in the United States every year, about 1 in 160 births. The site reports a significant number of these angels are preemie or micropreemie infants.  Many of these angels are far too small for even the very smallest commercial diapers.

Teeny Tears is a service organization that provides tiny flannel diapers at no charge to hospitals and bereavement support organizations for families that have suffered the loss of a preemie or micropreemie child through stillbirth or NICU loss.

Having only known Megan a short time, our family was quick to recognize what a wonderful person Megan is. As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Megan has the opportunity to work with and teach compassionate service to the young women of her local neighborhood. Megan’s love and compassion for all people has led several of these young women to also help and participate in the cause, making small infant diapers.

When asked about the experience working with Teeny Tears, one of the young women, Breann, commented, “I enjoyed the experience, knowing that we were helping others. It’s a really nice thing that Megan does, giving the family something cute that they can bury their preemie in. She puts so much time into everything that she does. It takes a lot of time tracing and cutting out every diaper and taking the time to sew it.”

The goal of Teeny Tears is to bless families that suffer  heartache, providing their angel with a soft, beautiful diaper in which to be photographed and laid to rest. THEY PROVIDE TWO MATCHING DIAPERS PER FAMILY (and that’s really important), one for the baby and one for the family to keep in a memory box. When possible, they also make tiny micropreemie blankets that are appropriately sized for their beautiful little bodies.Teeny Tears diapers are soft against delicate skin and can be used to enhance photographic memories as well as offer dignity and modesty for the tiniest angels.

 Teeny Tears is approaching 10,000 donated diapers. If you are interested in assisting  please visit


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