Triathamom-Utah Females Prove They Can Overcome

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Triathamom participant carries bike across transition line.
Triathamom participant carries bike across transition line.

I recently had the opportunity to watch a sprint triathlon. The race wasn’t filled with the typical athletes you might expect. Promoted as a non-competitive race women of all ages, shapes and ability participated in the “Triathamom ( As a spectator I couldn’t help but ask myself why these women were participating. While I am sure every woman had their own individual reason, I personally believe that embedded within each of us is a desire to prove that we can overcome any obstacle that is placed in our path. We can either wait for those challenges to find us or we can find them.

While at the race, I saw shirts and heard chants of “I can do had things.” While that need to overcome or do hard things may be buried deeper in some than in others, that desire  still exists for many. Sure there are those who want an easy ride, there are those intent on coasting through life and  that attitude will be their loss. Others will dig deep and put their body through hell before ultimately savoring the feeling that only exists as you cross the finish line.

Watching my own wife cross that finish line is a moment I’ll never forget. I saw the pain she went through in the months leading up to the race and the dedication it took to overcome the difficult task she chose to take head on. Just two years earlier, she had heart surgery to correct an irregular heartbeat and to close a hole in her heart that had been with her since birth. She wasn’t there to win, but to accomplish. She was there to prove to herself that she too could do hard things.

Whatever the reason for the rest field to participate, one thing was clear, they were determined to succeed against all odds. This was especially apparent as one woman completed the last 500 yards of the bike race. At some point along the way she crashed, mangling her handle bars the wheel was no longer in alignment. The choice would have been so easy for many, to quit, but the spirit of the competitor would not be broken. Instead of giving up, I watched as she carried her bike, tired and sweaty but not broken. The crowd cheered her on to the next transition. While I don’t know where this woman finished in the race, what I do know is that she not only inspired me but I am sure countless others.

This is what we do. We are Americans and we do hard things.



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