Insirational Man In Wheelchair Bowls Perfect Game Added to Record Books

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Shawn Beam hasn’t let a wheelchair stop him from pursuing his passions. In fact, he has done what very few people ever do, he has bowled a perfect game -10 straight strikes. Now he hopes to inspire others, especially those coming home from the war who have given so much.

Freedom Isn’t Free

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A solemn tribute to those who have gone before us, provided opportunity and ensured our Freedom.

Every Mother is a Hero – How One Mom Believes

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A mothers inspiring tribute to her son. This is a beautiful tribute to love, faith and the hope that America was founded on and the liberties due to all men regardless of circumstance. It is the story of one Mothers belief in equality and the hope she has that her son will live a full and happy life. Keep her dream alive and share this video.

Leadership From A Dancing guy.

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The secret to starting a movement is not being afraid to take a chance, stand out and see who follows. This is a fun look at one persons perspective on leadership. Who will you lead today?