Jobless Warrior Helps American Military Heroes Find Post Military Work

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CUMBERLAND, R.I., April 11, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — ( — Jobless Warrior, a new online career enhancing service for veterans, is proud to announce its official nationwide launch of services. Veterans can now visit to request free resume help, connect with a career coach, join a job networking group, and more.

Jobless Warrior is a free service that matches military veterans with career enhancement professionals such as coaches, resume writers, job networking groups, and others who have the skills, knowledge, and resources to assist them in navigating today’s difficult job search market. The program aims to assist today’s military hero in launching a new, successful career with private industry organizations.

“The unique aspect of Jobless Warrior,” according to founder JR Rodrigues, “is that we not only show our veterans that the jobs are out there, but we connect them with career professionals for one-on-one coaching and support so they can obtain these jobs. Everyone needs a solid career search strategy, and people often pay large sums of money for career search services. Jobless Warrior is proud to offer these professional services to our heroes for free.”

Jobless Warrior has more than 100 volunteer career professionals registered to provide pro bono, job preparation services to veterans. These providers stand ready to help veterans to decode and translate their military skills, experience, and training into terms easily understood by the civilian employer, a winning situation for both the veterans and the employer who gains a top-notch, valuable veteran employee for their team.

“We want to help all of our veterans get the careers and piece of the American dream that they deserve,” says Rodrigues. “I am eager to watch Jobless Warrior help build that dream for our heroes.”

To be connected with a career service professional, veterans can visit today to create a request for assistance. Veteran requests will be reviewed, and the requestors will be soon matched with a provider who can assist them in their career search.

To learn more about Jobless Warrior, visit the organization website at  Volunteer recruitment is ongoing, and the organization is readily recruiting additional career service professionals and other service providers to join them in the quest to mitigate joblessness among today’s veterans. is a free website service for all veterans and volunteers. Its mission is to end unemployment and underemployment for veterans and to enhance the start of post-military careers by improving job search effectiveness through one-on-one, professional support and other essential career resources.


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